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WCESIL Membership Agreement, F-03039 (05/2022)

Wisconsin Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness (WCESIL) Organization Profile and Membership Agreement

The Wisconsin Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness (WCESIL) is an alliance of individuals and organizations in Wisconsin working together to identify and deploy meaningful responses to the negative health impacts of social isolation and loneliness on older adults and people with disabilities in Wisconsin.


Using a collective impact model, the coalition functions through a steering committee made up of several key organizations. Activities are planned and executed by several work groups including:

  • Policy: Advocating for public policy solutions to combat the root causes and adverse consequences of social isolation and loneliness.
  • Awareness: Raising awareness of loneliness as a public health issue and actions that can be taken to improve connections and a sense of purpose.
  • Access and Detection: Improving detection and access to meaningful and culturally-relevant resources and services.
  • Measurement: Creating a research-driven knowledge base to support and inform the coalition.
  • Health Equity: Informing all coalition activities to ensure inclusion and access to initiatives and interventions.

Organizational Membership Agreement

We invite and encourage organizations in Wisconsin to join the movement. There’s so much to do and it will take a large, diverse, energetic coalition of individuals and organizations to make a population-level impact. WCESIL commits to working in partnership and cooperation with member organizations by 1) inviting member organizations to play a role in developing and deploying initiatives in support of people who are lonely and/or socially isolated; 2) maintaining channels of communication to ensure members are up-to-date on coalition activity including the maintenance of the WCESIL website and members-only section; and 3) providing information and other resources to support local efforts. Organizational members commit to:

  • Engagement: Each organization is asked to dedicate at least one person to serve as a liaison to the coalition sharing information, resources and initiatives with organizational leadership. This individual may also choose to serve on a coalition work group.
  • Dissemination: As the coalition develops initiatives (such as messaging campaigns, etc.), organizational members are asked to be dissemination points in their local communities extending the message to constituent groups and others in an effort to raise awareness and encourage activities in support of community members.
  • Advocacy: Where possible, play a role in advocacy efforts on issues impacting loneliness and social isolation in Wisconsin communities which may include contacting state and local legislators, and sharing information with constituents in support of a coalition policy initiative.
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