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WIR Help Desk - Customer Satisfaction Survey, F-03046 (06/2022)

Thank you for contacting the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) Help Desk. Please complete this short survey to let us know how we did. Your feedback helps us improve the service we provide.

Your feedback is anonymous, but you do have the option to supply your name and contact information if you wish. Your name and contact information will only be used by an appropriate team lead or supervisor to follow up with you. Your name will not be shared with any help desk agent.
1. Was your issue resolved? *This question is required.
2. How would you rate the overall service for this request? *This question is required.
5 - Excellent4 - Good3 - Average2 - Fair1 - Poor
3. Please choose your level of agreement or disagreement with the following statements.

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Was courteous.
Was knowledgeable about my question(s) or concern(s).
Communicated in a way that was understandable.