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THIMA Call for Board Nominations

Call for Nomination

The Tennessee Health Information Management Association (THIMA) Nominating Committee wants you to suggest fellow members and/or yourself as possible candidates for the THIMA Executive Board positions for the next fiscal year July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022.


Nominations are open for the following positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Delegate (only elected every other year - even years)
  • Nominating Committee



Candidates for President-elect should have served on the THIMA Board of Directors (as an officer or Local Association President) or have served as a leader or chairman of a THIMA team, committee, or task force within the past five years.  They must possess the ability to carry out the duties of president-elect and then as president.  Some of these duties include:

as President-elect, (one year term)

  • serve as ex-officio member of all project groups and committees
  • attend all Board of Directors’ meetings and all membership meetings
  • serve as a delegate to AHIMA National Convention and prepare a report to be given at the THIMA Business Meeting and in Newsletter
  • serve as a liaison and resource for Local Associations
  • attend AHIMA’s State Leadership Conference  (usually in July)
  • attend THIMA Annual Meeting and meeting at THA
  • plan / lead strategic planning session with assistance from executive director

as President, (one year term)

  • appoint and direct activities of all team leaders, committee and task force chairmen
  • direct activities of THIMA officers and Executive Director
  • preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership
  • direct THIMA delegation at AHIMA House of Delegates
  • write a President’s Message for each issue of the THIMA newsletter
  • attend THIMA Annual Meeting and meeting at THA

as Past-President, (two year term)

  • serve on THIMA Board of Directors for two years
  • present the President’s Plaque at the Awards Celebration (first-year past-president)     
  • serve as Parliamentarian (second-year past-president)

Nominating Committee Members

Each Local Association are invited to submit at least one nominee for the Nominating Committee.   From those nominees, four (4) will be elected. 

The duties of those elected include participating in conference calls of the Nominating Committee, soliciting and contacting prospective nominees as directed by chairman. 

The Nominating Committee may solicit suggestions of active THIMA members who are willing to serve as nominees for an elected office of THIMA from Local Associations, individual members, President-elect, President, etc. 

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