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AzHIMA Leadership Award


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Distinguished Member

Award Description:  The Distinguished Member Award is AzHIMA’s highest award of honor.  This award celebrates an individual with an exceptional record of HIM contributions through publication, teaching/educational presentations and administrative activities, showing leadership, innovation and creativity.

Qualifications:  Qualified nominees are HIM professionals who have made significant contributions to the HIM field through dedicated volunteer service, innovative professional practice, education, research, or publishing. 

Guidelines:  Nomination criteria for this award include the following:

  • Active member in AzHIMA and AHIMA
  • Volunteer service to AzHIMA  or AHIMA as an officer, director, delegate, committee chair or member, task force/special project chair or member, CoP Facilitator;
  • Advancing professional practice through their actions, research, or leadership in a specialty area;
  • Educational leadership through teaching, clinical supervision or advisory board membership;
  • Participation in and/or recognition by other organizations.

Outstanding Service

Award Description:  This award is recognizes individuals who have made significant, commendable and long-standing contributions through service to AzHIMA.

Qualifications:  Qualified nominees are HIM professionals, vendors or individuals who have made significant contributions to AzHIMA through dedicated volunteer service, leadership or other contributions to the mission of the association.

Guidelines:  Nomination criteria for this award include the following:

  • Continuous volunteer service to AzHIMA in a manner of excellence.
  • Support to the Association through leadership, special efforts or other significant contributions.
  • Contribution as volunteer or vendor in the advancement of the mission of AzHIMA.
  • Completion of a major project for AzHIMA  in an outstanding manner.
  • Display innovation and creativity through special service projects.

Rising Star

Award Description:  The Rising Star Award honors a gifted student or promising new professional who embodies great hope as we look to the future of the HIM profession. 

Qualifications:  Qualified nominees are; a) students enrolled at the time of nomination in an approved HIA or HIT degree program, or who have graduated in the last three months; or b) HIM professionals who have been credentialed within the last 3 years.

Guidelines:  Nomination criteria for this award include the following:

  • Willingness to change tradition, take risks, and think critically ---and to lead others in these processes.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the HIM profession through active participation in local or state AzHIMA activities.
  • Exceptional problem-solving ability with the capacity to envision the “big picture” in HIM and to make decisions accordingly.


Award Description:  The Mentor Award honors an AzHIMA member who has encouraged students or colleagues to realize their full potential, who have helped others find ways to achieve their best. 

Qualifications:  Qualified nominees are those professional colleagues who give of themselves and introduce us to new horizons. 

Guidelines:  Nomination criteria for this award include the following:

  • Motivates individuals to enter the HIM professional.
  • Provides long-term career guidance to one or more HIM professional(s).
  • Encourages and supports professionals to become involved in AzHIMA activities.
  • Motivates the educational growth of others.
  • Fostering enthusiasm for the profession.

Lifetime Achievement

Award Description:  The Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the AzHIMA Board of Directors, honors an AzHIMA member who is worthy of special recognition for making significant and sustained contributions throughout his/her career to the AzHIMA and/or the HIM profession.

Qualifications:  Qualified nominees are individuals who have worked tirelessly to support AzHIMA and/or the HIM profession through meritorious service, demonstrated leadership, excellence in HIM education, excellence in professional practice, or advancement of the profession through innovation and knowledge sharing.  These are best characterized as individuals who go above and beyond in their quest to make our Association and the HIM professions thrive.

Guidelines:  Nomination criteria for this award include the following:

  • Minimum of ten (10) years continuous active membership in AzHIMA and AHIMA.
  • Minimum of ten (10) years full-time employment in the profession as evidence of sustained and substantial professional achievement.
  • Evidence of sustained and substantial professional achievement that demonstrates professional growth and use of innovative and creative solutions.
  • Demonstrated leadership in HIM education (if nominee is an educator)
  • Provides inspiration, guidance, and opportunities for emerging leaders to participate in AzHIMA's volunteer structure and to build meaningful leadership experiences.
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