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Windows 8 Survey

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1. Should Microsoft add back a "start button" to the DESKTOP interface in Windows 8 with a similar style and feature set as that in Windows 7?
2. During the first installation should users be given a choice to boot to METRO or DESKTOP (possibly with a recommendation based on hardware)?
3. Should users be given an option to set METRO scrolling (and the basic interface) VERTICALLY as in Windows Phone 7 (this may not be technically possible at this point)?
4. Should the IE10 METRO browser move the address bar back to the top so that it matches the location on the desktop browser?
5. Should the IE10 METRO browser have a "favorites" or "bookmarks" button easily available in the interface?
6. Is black the right background color choice for the IE10 METRO browser, several METRO menus, and Windows 8 on-screen keyboard?
7. Should moving the mouse cursor to the right (and then left) edge cause scrolling to occur in every METRO application (only a few apps currently work this way)?
8. Should the current corner and side pop-up menus (charms, switch to Metro, etc...) in Windows 8 allow you to hover with a mouse so that they do not disappear (currently some menus disappear even when hovering)?
9. Should the list of open apps (pops up in menu on left side) have a "close" app "x" on each miniature view (similar to the close "x" on the miniature view on the Windows 7 task bar or the close "x" on the iPad open app view)?
10. Is the Windows 8 "concept" (not the details) as shown in the consumer preview ready for prime time?