Change Your Age Mobility Survey

Welcome to the Change Your Age Mobility Survey
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Move younger... Look younger... Feel younger

Welcome to the Change Your Age Mobility Survey! Thank you! We hope you find this survey an exciting and helpful new tool. 

The goal of the survey is to help you learn about your Mobility Age.  This will help you evaluate whether you move older for your age, younger for your age, and motivate you to learn to look and feel younger.  The Change Your Age Mobility Survey is not testing endurance, strength or cardio-vascular condition, however it is aimed at gaining awareness about your dexterity, agility and overall functional movement and mobility.

You may be asked some questions about some movements you might find difficult or you may not be able to perform. Please do not be deterred in any way from answering these questions to the best of your ability. If you find some of the choices might not be applicable to you or too difficult for you, perform the movement in your mind and use your imagination to answer as best you can.

The point of this survey is not to push yourself to do something you can’t do, but rather to understand how to help yourself to change your age and move more youthfully.

The Survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you will be presented with a results page, on which you will see your real age as well as your estimated Mobility Age as determined by your responses to the survey questions. You will also be given a measure of your responses in four primary categories that the survey evaluates about your mobility. 

In addition to these quantitative results at the end of the survey, you will also be invited to click through to sample lessons from the Change Your Age Program that will further your capabilities and mobility.   

At the end of the survey, there is a note page available for you to share your thoughts and observations about taking the survey. We welcome and desire your feedback. 

The Change Your Age Mobility Survey is based on the work of Dr. Frank Wildman and the Change Your Age team, including Dr. James Stephens and Dr. Sanford Rosenberg. Dr. Wildman's new program, Change Your Age, has been published in book form by Da Capo Press Lifelong Books and is available through Amazon. Change Your Age workshops are now being taught in major cities throughout the United States.  The Change Your Age program is also available on DVD.

We appreciate your answering as honestly as possible the following questions. All of your information will be held in the strictest confidence and not shared with anyone without your permission. 

Thank you for your time.