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2012 Autostraddle Hot 100

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3. Who are the ten hottest lesbian, bisexual and/or queer women in all the land? *This question is required.

This year we want you to vote for the hottest LGBTQ women in the universe.This may very well be Portia De Rossi, but it could also be your girlfriend, that hot DJ you always see around, or that cute girl on YouTube.

Write in your ten picks below -- in no particular order -- and the 100 ladies with the most votes will earn a spot on the Hot 100. Please use FULL NAMES and proper capitalization.

Voting for the same person more than once will only count as one vote.

If the person you are voting for is NOT WELL-KNOWN/FAMOUS/SEMI-FAMOUS (as in -- we wouldn't be able to find a photo of them using google image search) please put an asterisk by their name, like this*.

This question requires a valid email address.