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KDE Notification User Experience Study


This study asks you to describe a recent KDE notification experience. Notifications are the information boxes that appear in the corner of your screen to give you information. We are interested in learning more about how you react to these notifications.

The next time you receive a notification and have 5-10 minutes to respond:

  • Take a screenshot of your desktop. You do not need to capture the notification in your screenshot
  • Visit this survey start page and click Next
  • Upload your screenshot and complete the questionnaire

If you have sensitive information viewable, such as a webpage open with bank information, please hide it before you take the screenshot (For example, you could open a new browser tab or switch windows).

Try to submit your screenshot and experience report within 5 minutes of the notification. That's OK if you don't have the opportunity to do it in that time, just wait until the next notification.

Don't worry if the notification was interesting or not, we are interested in all types of notifications. The most important part is that you accurately complete the experience report to the best of your ability.

We suggest you bookmark the study page so you can easily access it after the notification.

When you are ready to submit your experience report click Next

By clicking Next, you acknowledge that you are willing to participate in academic research and that the information reported in this survey may be used and reported to the public in an aggregated and anonymized format. You will be asked to report on a recent notification experience. Any personal information requested is optional. You will be compensated for your participation by a $1 donation to the KDE e.V. on your behalf. Approved for use (Y13AK12001) UMBC Institutional Review Board 07/24/2012 through 07/23/2013.

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