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VAAI and CX4 - What Do You Think?

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1. Does vendor transparency, even when the answer isn't a positive one - make you more or less likely to select that vendor
2. I understand why VAAI isn't supported on CX4 on vSphere 5 after listening to the webcast
3. VMware – should they change their VAAI harness (or for that matter, any test harness) for any vendor?
4. Should there be a more granular level of VAAI of support (eg. ATS, Block Zero, no XCOPY) in the case where some pass, both others don't?
5. EMC – How much should we backport to platforms that are EOL, but not EOSL?
remember – always a trade-off. In CX4, the fixes need memory – and this is on a memory constrained system – so may hurt other things.
6. What does the lack of CX4 VAAI support on vSphere 5 make you do?
7. Here is the proposed workaround:
1) Leave VAAI on
2) if you have an issue contact VMware - if they ask to disable VAAI and the issue continues VMware is point on support
3) if disabling VAAI resolves the issue EMC is point on support.

What do you think?
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