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Campaign Readiness Assessment

Welcome! We are excited that you have chosen to complete the online Campaign Readiness Assessment Tool. This was designed by Dini Spheris to help assess your nonprofit organization's campaign readiness. It focuses on six specific areas that directly influence successful campaigning including:

  • Culture of Philanthropy;
  • Strategic Direction and Case for Support;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Staff Leadership;
  • Volunteer Leadership; and
  • Prospects.

The survey should take about seven to ten minutes to complete. It will return a score for your nonprofit organization in each of these areas and may help identify specific areas where improvements can be made. There is no need to be overly concerned with any one particular question because no single response soley influences the total result.

This is a qualitative assessment and therefore it cannot take into consideration the nuances and unique situations of your particular organization. It is designed as a guide; to get a sense of where you are today when thinking about embarking on a future campaign. It is not a substitute for campaign planning and related activities.

If you have additional comments you would like to add, the last question on each page gives you this opportunity, but is not required.