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Broadway: An American Musical

Page 1 Questions

1. Written especially for Judy Holliday, "Bells Are Ringing," which opened at the Shubert Theater in 1956, included among its creative team these talented individuals:
2. This superstar never played the Palace Theater, which was considered the mecca of vaudeville performers during the 1910s, 1920s, and early 1930s. Who was he?
3. The TKTs booth, which has been around since 1973, offers what?
4. What was the last Broadway musical Rodgers and Hammerstein created, which starred Mary Martin and debuted in 1959?
5. Which actress caused a sensation when she played Fanny Brice in the 1964 musical "Funny Girl?"
6. A helicopter was the unforgettable set piece of this musical, which opened in 1991:
7. The groundbreaking musical "Chicago" opened in 1975 and was later revived in 1997. Pick the two stars who appeared in the original and the revival respectively:
8. What 1989 musical was performed without an intermission and was directed and choreographed by Tommy Tune?
9. The Music Box theater was built to showcase the owner's revues during the 1920s. Who was he?
10. The 1960 Lerner and Loewe musical about the mythical king and queen of Camelot starred which pair of actors?
11. Which of these original cast members from "Wicked" made their Broadway debut in the musical "Rent?"
12. The first song in the original production of "Cabaret" opens with which of these lines?
13. The producers of "Avenue Q" chose to not have the show tour the country, but, instead, try its luck playing in only one other city. Which is it?