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Otterbox vendor inquiry

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Terms of Vendor Inquiry
Vendors interested in supplying designs, products and/or services to OtterBox are asked to provide the following information to indicate their interest in doing business with OtterBox. This vendor inquiry form is meant to be used only by new potential vendors to OtterBox. By completing this form, a vendor agrees to these terms, which make up OtterBox’s Unsolicited Ideas Policy. Please note that completion of this vendor inquiry does not guarantee contact from OtterBox, and does not represent any commitment, guarantee, covenant or warranty from OtterBox that OtterBox will ever agree to use, develop, manufacture, distribute or sell any design, product and/or service provided by a vendor. Furthermore, by submitting information via this site, the vendor agrees that any such information is not confidential and becomes, upon submission, the sole and exclusive property of OtterBox and vendor agrees to and hereby does transfer all right, title and interest in any and all such information and any related intellectual property. Each vendor further agrees that OtterBox and its affiliates are free to use such information on an unrestricted basis without compensation to the vendor.

Should a vendor’s design, product and/or service meet OtterBox’s current needs, an OtterBox representative may contact the vendor for further information. Any vendor contacted by OtterBox and being considered for potential business may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and/or other type of agreement prior to conducting further discussions with OtterBox. If a vendor’s design, product and/or service does not meet OtterBox’s current needs, that vendor’s information will be kept on file.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with OtterBox.

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