Business Analytics: Decision Making From Behind The Counter

The modern business analyst has a lot in common with the master chef of a fine culinary establishment: both must precisely assess, prepare and ultimately deliver their respective content in a manner that not only appeases the customer, but proceeds to flat-out WOW them into committing to continued and eager patronage.

Can You Trust Political Polls? Maybe.

Listen to any newscast, or read any newspape, magazine, or online thinkpiece and the odds are that you are going to see at least one political opinion poll being touted. This is nothing new, Political polls have been with us almost as long as there has been politics. Which is to say, as long as…

How to Use Coca-Cola’s ​Tactics and Uncover Market Opportunity

At the 2016 Corporate Researchers Conference, Coca-Cola’s Global Director, Strategy & Innovation, Jillian Tirath shared a fascinating story. In the quest to discover and vet opportunities to grow Coca-Cola brands, Tirath and her team wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates people to buy and consume beverages while away from home. They partnered…

Data and the Universal Language of Visualization

As curious humans, we have a desire to make sense of data we are presented with each and every day. As professionals in the many-sphered world of business, we have an outright need to take this desire further, to categorize and quantify this data in order to successfully carry out campaigns and (hopefully) turn profits.

How to Use Choice-Based Conjoint Surveys for Robust Results

When engaging in market research, information about the importance of various facets of your product or service can be hard to come by. Using choice-based conjoint (CBC) analysis, you can get a better grip on which specific elements really matter to your potential customers: like price, screen size, and warranty length.

SurveyGizmo and 360 Reviews: An Essential Pairing

Most people would say a full belly and physical comfort are higher-order needs than getting performance feedback at work, but research suggests otherwise. According to neuroscientist David Rock, humans process feedback in the same region of the brain as hunger and pain. People have a deep-seated desire to know where they stand in the world,…

Help Us Help You: Bridging the Marketing Skills Gap With Training

If you work in, with, or around marketing, chances are you’ve heard about the alarming (and growing) skills gap. Marketers, the argument goes, simply don’t have the skills necessary to keep up with the rapid pace of change and increasingly high level of sophistication that digital marketing needs. While marketing managers and executives may be…

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