SurveyGizmo Spotlight: Chris McCown

This week’s SurveyGizmo Spotlight shines on Support Superstar, Chris McCown.
Many of you have probably spoken to or emailed back and forth with Chris since he started 10 months ago. Let’s find out a little bit more about Chris and get this interview going

Hey Chris! You’re our SurveyGizmo Spotlight this week. Do you have some time for a quick interview?

Yeah, sure. Can we do it out in the support area though, it’s only Tess and me right now because Pharlain’s training the 3 new hires.

Yep, not a problem. OK. Let’s start off with — How did you make your way to SurveyGizmo?

I actually am originally from Oklahoma.

Why did you move?

Have you ever been to Oklahoma?

Point taken. Well, why did you choose Colorado?

I had a couple of friends who lived here that I met while I studied in Japan during college. I also wanted to go to Grad School here.

Ohh Grad School. What do you want to go for?

History and Archeology. I eventually want to get my PhD and become a professor for half the year and then spend the other half the year in China and Japan.

You seem big into the Asian culture. How did that start?

It actually all started when I was 9. My parents took me to Disney World and one of the days we went to Epcot. My parents actually thought they had lost me for a couple of hours because I had found the Japan section and stayed there completely fascinated by everything it had.

So Disney started your love affair with Japan, nice. So in college you were able to study in Japan for a year, what do you think was the coolest thing you got to experience when you were there?

Hmmm….It’s a tie. The food was amazing. There was a thing called tonkatsu, that is very similar to a fried pork chop, that is the most amazing food in the entire world.

And then the other coolest thing has to be the history. I know everyone says this, but it was amazing to see the a giant, brand-new skyscraper next to a 500 year old temple. It was beautiful.

I’m sure that was amazing. What do you think was the weirdest thing you experienced?

Oh god there was a lot of strange things! But I’d have to say the strangest was that there was a restaurant that would let you eat a live octopus. They were little. I never did it, but I had a friend who did it. He said one time was enough for him.

Oh gross! I could never do that. Way too squishy. Now that I have that nice mental image in my head, let’s change the subject. So, SurveyGizmo – what is it that you do?

I’m part of the support team. So I assist people with any questions or problems they might have with SurveyGizmo. I work with the development team to get to the bottom of issues and help them solve problems.

All your guys do a great a job! So when you’re not slashing customers’ issues, what do you outside of work?

I’m stupidly obsessed with cars. I love motorcycles. I race go-karts. Basically I just like going fast. I also like super nerdy things like D&D and science fiction shows and movies.

What’s your favorite movie?

Hmmm…. V for Vendetta. That movie was great.

Never seen it. I’ll have to check it out sometime. If you I were to give you a million dollars right now what would you do with it?

No strings attached? Just free?

No strings attached. Completely free. No taxes. Just go.

1. I would pay off my condo. 2. I would put a ton of it in savings so that I could manipulate it so I could just live off the interest forever. 3. I would buy a workshop to play with cars. I’d have all the tools I needed to work on everything. 4. I’d keep coming into SurveyGizmo for fun.

Nice answer. I feel like you’ve thought about this before. So you said you would keep coming into work. What do you think is your favorite part of SurveyGizmo?

Do I just have to choose one thing?

Um, you can do a top 3 list.

OK. 1. Nerf weapons. 2. Keggerator 3. The general awesomeness of everyone here. Everyone is working hard not only for the customers but for each other. There’s an amazing sense of teamwork at this place.

I completely agree! Well Chris that wraps things up. Thank you for letting me interview you today. I really appreciate it.

That’s it for this week. Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s SurveyGizmo Spotlight!

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