Employee Profile: Garrett Glissmann

Looking back over the summer Garret has turned out to be one of our pleasant surprises. He joined SurveyGizmo as an intern on the development team after we met him at Startup2Student at the University of Colorado.

It turned out he was there because of his older brother. We later found out that Garret was only 15 and still in high school. But we had to give it to him he had pretty decent coding chops for his age and really wanted to learn more. He worked all summer on improving our graphs and analytics inside the backend admin side of SurveyGizmo and really helped a lot.

Garrett is also an avid mountain biker. Here is a video he and his brother made. Pretty slick. Way to go Garrett. We wish him luck as he returns to school and would be happy to have him on board anytime.

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