New Feature: Page Fall Off Report

Have you ever noticed a large number of partial completions of your survey? Have you ever wanted to know what you could fix in order to get people to finish your survey?

Well, we have a fantastic answer for you! If you have an Team Edition or above level account, you now have the ability to run a Page Fall Off Report. This report (shown below) can show you on what page people stop taking your survey in a visual manner.

We hope that by providing this report, it will help you with your survey design as well as increase your completion rates. After all, the most important part about creating a survey is to be able to analyze the completed data one you’re done.

Happy Surveying!


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  • Any chance the report could have the option to pull the page titles in or at least display them in a key so we can quickly determine the page content?

  • Hi Tim,
    Sure, we’ve added this to our feature request list.

    However our 3rd party graphing engine doesn’t display large amounts of axis labels (the x-axis’ page titles) very well so it may be awhile until we’re able to get this added in.

    The development team may be able to code a way around it otherwise we’ll have to wait for a better graphing engine.

    Hope this helps!

  • does this feature let you view the abandoned surveys to get the few statitsics off them that people may have filled in?

  • Hi Alison,
    With the fall off report, it will just show you how many people fell off at certain pages, but not who. Alternatively you can export any of the abandoned survey information we can collect (their IP address, query string values, link they came in off on). But, your best bet would be to use the email invitation system. That way you’re able to see who clicked the link and left.

  • Viv Harrison

    Can you explain the numbers associated with this report please? When I’ve run this report for a survey, the number of people before fall-off doesn’t seem to equal any of the figs for total, abandoned, completes, partials or combination of these!

    • Hi Viv,
      Which numbers in particular are you talking about? The number on your last page should coincide with the number of completes. Then the number on the first page should coincide with the number of completes plus your partials. If you want, shoot over your report to and I’ll look into it for you.

  • Sicko van Dijk

    When will the fall off report be available in version 3?

    • Hi Sicko,
      It is on our list of reports that need to come back, but as for an exact time period, I don’t know that quite yet. If you want to push it up to the top of the to-do list, just head over to user voice and add it as a suggestion. That way our other users can vote on it as well and make it the next thing the developers work on.