How to Automatically Send Customer feedback Surveys via Zendesk

We use ZenDesk for our support ticket system here at SurveyGizmo, and in the process we have integrated our customer feedback survey directly into the system. The only requirements for this integration are a ZenDesk account and any SurveyGizmo account (though for some additional link branding, we recommend the Pro or Enterprise plans).

The goal is to get feedback from the customer once a support issue has been resolved, so we can better get feedback about how well our customer service team is doing.

You could setup many types of surveys and trigger them at different times within ZenDesk. Maybe a welcome email that collects additional information about an email sent to a specific department (such as billing).

The options are completely up to you.

The following example assumes you are getting customer feedback when a request is solved. You might also like to attach a survey link to the email footer of ALL emails. This is helpful in case a customer want s to provide feedback on the length of time it’s taking to resolve an issue.

In ZenDesk

  • Select Manage from the ZenDesk menu and choose Triggers and email notifications
  • If you already have a trigger for a Solved ticket, you can edit the existing trigger. This example assumes you are creating a new one, so click Add Trigger
  • Setup the following recommended conditions:
    • Status | Changed to | Solved
    • Comment is... | Public

    This ensures that the email is sent only when an issue is deemed resolved and a comment was added (this last condition is optional).

  • The next step is the ‘Perform These Actions’ section:
    • Notify User | (requester)
    • Email Subject:
      [{{ticket.account}}] Re: {{ticket.title}}
    • Email body (adjust wording as needed):
      Your request (#{{}}) has been deemed solved.  Let us know how we did!

      To review, comment and reopen the request, follow the link below:


This is an example of what we use, but the key area for you is the survey link. You will want to replace http://YOUR-SURVEYGIZMO-LINK/ with your survey link (Get this using the instructions below).

The second portion, starting with the question mark ( ? ), is a query string. This information is automatically collected by SurveyGizmo (more on using this later). It allows you to automatically associate the ticket’s assignee to that feedback. We’ve used the variable name ‘rep’ in this case.

For consistency, later instructions will assume you are also using ‘rep’. You could also pass in any ticket information like ticket ID, type, external ID, customer or organization name, etc.

surveys for customer satisfaction

In SurveyGizmo

You can create a customer feedback survey from scratch or use one of the pre-made templates we provide when you are creating a new survey. Once the survey is created, you can Launch that survey, presenting you with a selection of links on the Publish tab. Here are a few examples:

All plan levels:

Professional and above (Branded Subdomains):

Enterprise level plans:

Replace the link in the Email body example above with your survey’s link.

Pro Tip: For Internet Explorer 6 compatibility, make sure the links ends with a forward slash ( / ).

What else do I setup in the survey itself?

When your respondents click on that link, they will be presented with your survey, automatically passing to the survey the assignee’s full name. Within your survey, your very first question may be an open textfield question asking the respondent to enter their support representative’s name. Within SurveyGizmo, you can set the Default Value of this question as the following:


This special merge code is getting the representative’s name that was passed in when they clicked the link, placing that in the box automatically. This saves your respondents time while still allowing them to change the name if they wish. Be advised, if you changed ‘rep’ in the Solved email link above, you need to change it within that merge code as well.

Congratulations, you’ve now setup a very simple and elegant integration between SurveyGizmo and ZenDesk for your customer feedback survey! If you need help setting up your survey to accept your Zendesk info grap a SurveyGizmo account, build your survey and then drop our customer support a note!

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  • Hey Mario. Nice implementation. Can your survey do a call back and store the survey result on the ticket via the REST API?

  • Your API requires sending XML data and has no capacity to capture GET or POST data. Thus it would require an actual developer integration within SurveyGizmo to construct the push-back into the ZenDesk ticketing system. If there is enough uptake we may develop this, though if the API accepted POST data we could get something developed a lot sooner.

  • Kai Hilton-Jones

    Sounds familiar. I posted the following article 9 days earlier. See

  • Kai,
    Great minds think alike! We’ve been using it since we started with ZenDesk, and after a conversation with one of the ZenDesk team letting us know that this has been a topic of interest for their customers, we put together this full tutorial and started the ball rolling on even more advanced widget integration. This is the first time I’ve seen your post, so it’s fantastic that you took the initiative on putting this together.

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  • I love the idea of integration in ZenDesk. I would like to be able to post a survey on ZenDesk so that I can automatically associate survey responses with their Zen Desk user id. Is there a way to do this?

    • Hey, Karen!

      There is, in fact, a way to do this – coincidentally, we just figured out how to do it over the past month for an internal survey we’re using!

      We’re in the process of putting together a tutorial for the project – but if you’ll drop us a note at, we’ll be happy to take a look at what you’re doing and help you make it work. Thanks!

  • Hannah

    Hey Kipp,

    Do you have a knowledge base article or tutorial on how to do the ZenDesk/Survey integration so that it is associated with a ZD user id, like you mentioned above?


  • Hi, Hannah!

    That’s odd – I don’t see it, either. I’m checking with our documentation team, and I’ll post an update here when we have the link.

    In the meantime, if you contact our Support team, someone there should be able to walk you through it. Sorry for the inconvenience!