Online Surveys on iPad and iPhone: Getting Responses Wherever You Are

It’s been iPad-mania the past couple weeks here and with that, we’ve been inundated with questions about creating surveys on the iPad using SurveyGizmo and have even heard, “Is there an App for that?”

We have fantastic news for you! You don’t need to download or pay for an additional App to send out surveys on an iPad or an iPhone!

All you need to do is create a survey using SurveyGizmo, just like you always have! And this time when you’re selecting themes under your survey’s Look & Feel, select the iPhone/Android friendly theme for surveys you’ll be sending out to iPhone users or select the iPad Friendly theme for respondents taking surveys on iPads.

The iPad and iPhone themes have been specially designed to fit the formatting requirements of the Safari browsers that the gadgets automatically open up to, so they are perfect for sending out surveys to iPhone and iPad users.

Have an iPhone or iPad and want to conduct survey research using them? We’ve thought up a couple of ideas on how you could use these in the field:

  • Conducting research inside of a mall
  • Create follow-up surveys within an App that you have built in the Apple Store
  • Sending out email invites to survey participants who have iPhones
  • Easy in-person research at conferences or conventions

Did you know? That if you have your own App within the Apple Store, you can have your App users fill out a feedback survey on your App?

Since the App store allows you to put links into your descriptions, all you need to do is add a regular SurveyGizmo survey link. If someone is on an iPhone or iPad downloading your App, they just need to click on your link and the Safari browser will open up your survey. It’s just that easy to get feedback on you App!

Tip – Want your surveys to automatically refresh after you’ve had someone fill it out on your iPhone or iPad? Check out this quick tutorial about creating kiosk / looping surveys.

Want to learn more about conducting surveys on mobile devices? Check out our complete guide to mobile survey best practices.

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  • Zach

    The iPhone/iPad themes look great, but not all survey users will likely be using iPhones or iPads, but those that do should get a good experience. Is there a way to have conditional themes for the device a person is using? So, a computer user gets the regular theme and iPhone/iPad users automatically get an optimized version?

    • Hi Zach,
      Unfortunately, right now there isn’t way for us to do that. But it’s a great idea and I’ll let our development team know about it!

  • Ponna

    I second the Zach’s idea and it is very much need already. Thanks of taking up with your development team Brittany.

  • Vic

    I am not seeing the iphone/ ipad themes under my available themes to choose from. Are these themes only available under certain specific packages? Thank you.

    • Hi Vic,
      You’ll want to go into SurveyGizmo 3.0 in order to see them. To do that, click on the SurveyGizmo 3.0 Now Available button. Once you’ve done that, start building a survey like normal. Then go into the Look & Feel of your survey. You’ll then be able to see the different iPhone and iPad themes. I hope that helps!

  • Alex

    Just wondered if there was an update on having conditional themes for different devices?

    • Hi Alex,
      Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to do that yet. Please feel free to add it to User Voice though and have other vote on it. As soon as it becomes the highest voted on suggestion, we will work on it.

  • Any way to obtain submissions offline with the ipad and then upload them later? I did look at the surveydeck app, but it is not yet ipad compatible.

    Many Thanks


  • Elliot: SurveyDeck is working on iPad compatibility, but that is the only option for offline collection at this time.

  • Henry

    Any way to obtaibn submissions offline with android devices? If Survey Deck is not ready for that, is there any other software? Thanks!

    • Hi Henry,
      Not that I know of. But if you head over to SurveyDeck and request it, I’m sure they would look into it for you.

  • SurveyDeck seems to have been removed from both the US and UK iTunes/app store… does anyone know why? Will it ever come back?

  • Jessica H

    Will the program support audio files added to the survey? Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Absolutely you can add audio files. We actually have a great tutorial about how to do so here. If you have any trouble with the process feel free to drop a line to and one of our award winning support heroes will be thrilled to assist you!

  • Kit


    Maybe someone here can help us with SurveyDeck since our requests for support from them have gone unanswered.
    SurveyDeck says that the app supports checkbox questions, however, my group has noticed that the data for these checkbox questions is not submitted to SurveyGizmo correctly.

    For simple checkbox questions (ones that don’t enable an “other, please specify” textbox), no answers are submitted to SurveyGizmo, despite whether you check just one box or check multiple.

    For checkbox questions that do enable “other, please specify” textboxes, only one answer is ever submitted to SurveyGizmo.
    – If it is the case that you only select the “other, please specify” option, it will submit whatever you type into the textbox.
    – If you select choices besides the “other, please specify” option, it will only submit the first answer checked even if you selected multiple choices.
    – If you select choices in addition to the “other, please specify” option and type something into the “other” textbox, it still only submits the first answer checked. No others. Not even whatever you wrote in the “other” textbox.

    Please let me know if any of you have come across this or if any of you know how to fix it.

    Thank you!

    • Hey, Kit – sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

      We’ve gone ahead and created a ticket for you so we can take a look at it – you should have already received an email from Support about the matter.

      It all depends on where the issue is (if the error is within SurveyDeck, we can only do some much), but we’re on the case & can hopefully figure out what’s happening! We’ll let you know what we find!

      Thanks for letting us know!

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