Creating Product Management Surveys that Deliver Results

A well-designed product survey can reveal valuable insights into your customer’s needs, wants, and purchasing habits, increasing product growth, retention and impacting the product roadmap. Through customer interviews, running surveys, and examining analytics Product Managers can gather actionable data. Fortunately, powerful, easy to use tools like SurveyGizmo make it faster and easier to get results.

6 Tips for UX Survey Success

Your user experience (UX) team needs accurate and useful data to succeed, and user surveys provide one of the most flexible, cost-effective, and valuable ways to collect the data you need. However, if you don’t design your surveys properly, you can’t achieve the quality feedback you need and end up wasting your time.

Maximizing Qualitative Research: Analysis and Presentation

Analyzing and presenting qualitative data can seem a bit like a game of Telephone. What’s meant by the users may not end up exactly what’s heard by or presented to the product team. Failure to properly interpret, present, and act on data collected can be a frustrating waste of time and money. And nobody wants…

How Surveys Can Help You Get Stakeholder Buy-In

In any project, you need stakeholders – they’re the people who have a personal investment in your project or business. Sometimes this investment is financial, sometimes it’s not. The problem is that when people have an investment in your project, they can either be supportive or they can be roadblocks. What they become depends on how…

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