How to Restrict Access to Your Survey

Every so often we are asked how to insure that only people invited to take a survey by email can access it. This can be helpful when you want to survey your list and don’t want people outside that list skewing your results.

Restricting access in this way can be done with one simple checkbox and our Email Invite tool.

Here is how it works:

Version 2.x Instructions

  1. Once you have created your survey, select the Email Invite tab and add the contacts of the individuals that you want to take your survey.
  2. Then create the content of your invitation, making sure you leave in the survey link merge code (so everyone can get to your survey!).
  3. Now, before you send out the email invitation, select the Edit Survey tab then Advanced Options and scroll about halfway down the page to Access Controls and Quotas.  Check the Email Invite respondents only box.

Once this is done, you can now send out your survey invites and won’t have to worry about getting unwanted responses from random people because your survey takers will only be able to access your survey through the email you are sending them.

NOTE: This feature is available to Pro and Team Edition users only.

Now only the people you specifically invite to take the survey can take it. That’s all there is to it!


This is not yet available with SurveyGizmo 3.0.

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  • Emma


    Is it possible to do this in the free version of the survey?

  • Hi Emma,
    This option is available for Pro and Enterprise level accounts.

  • Brittany is right, the option shown above is only available to Pro and Enterprise,

    However you do still have access to the “Prevent search engines from indexing survey” feature — which at least keeps search engines from indexing the survey directly — assuming you want to keep the survey private.


  • Tadeusz Rozmus

    Hi Brittany,
    I’m Tadeusz and I’m going on with construction of my survey. It’s real and very pleasant adventure. Your survey programme is really excellent! I tested it yesterday and all goes very well. But I have 2 questions:
    1) Is it possible to restrict access to my survey and create any number of different passwords (one-use password) to send them, for example to different schools. In my research it will take part some specified number of students (50?) from each of different schools. Alltogether it should be inverviewed some thousands of students. I don’t like to invite them by email. It would be a headmaster or one of school staff to decide who will fill in this survey and to give a password to every invited student. Is it possible and how can I give it?
    2) I’d like to show a respondent only one actual elaborated question and to keep prevent him from passing to another question without finished it.
    How can I do it? I tried many different ways, but without success.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Tadeusz,
      This looks like a question that would be better answered by our Support team. So I’m going to create a ticket for you in there so they can elaborate on my response. But, yes you can create multiple one-time use passwords. Just add login action and choose the Individual (one-time) passwords that deactivate after use. As for how to give it out, you will need to contact the headmasters and give them a list of passwords to give their students. I hope that helps, and keep a look out for your support ticket. Thanks! Brittany

  • Steve

    I want control access to a main survey using passed values from another survey to another using my own code. I know I can redirect and pass saved surveyed values via a redirect link, but can a new SurveyGizmo 3.0 survey recongize those values to allow them to take the main survey or not…just like a password

    • Hi Steve,
      That sounds like a real interesting use case. We would love to help you out by talking to you more about it. If you’d like, give Jonathan, our Sales Engineer a call and he’ll be able to walk you through this whole process. The number is 800.609.6480 ext 1.

  • Sarah

    Hi, My question is with regards to comment 4 above. How do you add login action to a survey? I want to restrict access by setting a password.

    Also is there a way to restrict access other than the email list invitation and search indexing?

  • Hi Sarah,
    To add a login action, just click on the Add Action button on the first page of your survey. Then click the Login/Password action. Scroll down a little bit and you’ll be given the option for which type of password protection you want. Pick one and you’ll be good to go.

    You can also use our duplicate response protection which you can get to by clicking on the Survey Settings link under Edit Survey. Click on the Duplicates tab and you’re given the option to use cookie-based, IP-based, or URL Variable based duplicate protection.

    I hope that helps!

  • Ram

    i got passwor but how to sing in

  • Rsd-rai

    i have survay password so how to log on

  • Is this feature in the most current version of SG yet? IF so, did it move?