Exporting Survey Data to SPSS

I’m sure you’ve used SurveyGizmo’s exporting capabilities to export your data over to Excel or have used the pre-made Summary, TURF, and Cross tab reports, but did you know that you can export your data to SPSS to do even deeper data analysis and manipulation?

We’ve actually just updated our SPSS export, so it now has even more functionality than it did just a few weeks ago.

How SPSS Export Works

It’s simple. First, just head over to the Reporting tab and click on Create & Manage Exports. Select the SPSS icon (Note– You will need an Team Edition account in order to export to SPSS.

Here, you’re able to change how you name data before you start the export to SPSS. You can manipulate the:

  • The Variable
  • The Variable Label
  • SPSS Data Type (We auto-sense what it should be, but if you want to change it, you have that ability)

Being able to manipulate this before you export it is a unique feature to SurveyGizmo’s export and will save you hours of recoding time.

Once you’re done renaming and reassigning the variables, all you have to do is hit the Run Export Tab and you’ll have a .SAV file that can be opened into SPSS without any trouble.

Now that you have the file already, I’d recommend checking out a couple of other blog posts about using SPSS for data analysis here on the blog, from one of our SPSS experts, Joe Glines. He’s covered:

Creating and Manipulating Survey Variables Using SPSS
SPSS Variable and Value Labels: A Quick Tutorial
SPSS Analysis Tips: The Temporary Command
Recording States into Regions Using SPSS


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Join the Conversation
  • Sukhdev Singh

    cant open SAV file of SPSS

  • Hey, Sukhdev –

    If you’re having trouble with SPSS, please let our Support team know – they’ll be happy to look into it for you!

    You can reach Support by logging into SurveyGizmo, then clicking the ‘Help/Support > Help Desk’ tab at the top right of the screen.


  • aida garcia

    Hello I finished my survey, 155 responses, now wanted to do a more detailed analysis in SPSS, but I can not do, that is I have to select all or choose the variables one by one?? thank you

    • Hi, Aida –

      Sorry you’re having trouble! I’m not sure I completely understand the situation, so let me see if this helps: When you go to export, we initially pre-set variables for you, and you can then change them one by one. If you’re trying to select the variables you want to export, be sure that you’re leaving the variables you want to export unchecked – the checkboxes are actually not to select them for inclusion, but instead are to select them for exclusion from the export.

      Does that help? If not, please drop us an email to students@surveygizmo.com and we’ll look further into it. Thanks!