A Day in the Life of a SurveyGizmo Intern

2:30pm, September 23rd: Not two seconds after I walk in the door I hear “Will the real intern please stand up?” I guess that’s me. My name is Garrett Knight and I have the privilege of interning at SurveyGizmo in the Marketing department. I’ll be your guide through the riveting adventures of a day in the life of a SurveyGizmo intern.

My job never lacks variety, which makes it a little difficult to describe an average day. So I’ve decided to list my favorite tasks and aspects of my job. Here they are in no particular order:

Educational tasks

  • Managing our Google Adwords account
  • Personally writing thank yous and correspondence to clients and followers
  • Compiling lists of potential marketing events and publications for advertisement
  • Correcting errors in surveys and progressively getting to know the ins and outs of SurveyGizmo 3.0
  • Penning our new employee’s bios (check a few out: Team SurveyGizmo)
  • Contributing to layout changes and split tests for the website

Fun Misc. tasks

  • Working with great people in a formal, upbeat, productive atmosphere
  • Making beer runs for the aforementioned, great people I get to work with
  • But seriously, I can’t stress enough how great our employees and the inclusive culture they have created has treated me
  • Straight Misc. tasks

  • Keeping the development team happy (keeping the fridge stocked)
  • Designated whiteboard holder
  • Things I’ve built: a grill, a fan, numerous chairs, an affiliate website

  • Bottom Line: I love this job. I’m learning applicable job skills and procedures. Plus, I get to hang out with the cool kids of the survey software industry and call it work. SURVEYGIZMO TILL I DIE (or graduate)!

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