Mobile-Friendly Navigation and Survey Advisor

Customer feedback has been clear: people are building surveys and running reports on smaller screens (and a growing number of tablets). So, we’re redesigning our navigation (just a bit) to make SurveyGizmo easier use on a smaller screen.

At the same time, we’re creating new Survey Advisor notes within SurveyGizmo that will help guide you down the path to optimal survey creation, distribution, and reporting.

Saving Vertical Space with Updated Navigation

The first thing we should point out is that our new navigation layout saves about 100 pixels of vertical space for our mobile and tablet users.

You’ll see that we’ve changed our complete logo to an “SG” badge, creating more room for your survey’s complete title or description.

This change allowed us to move the survey title up, so we could eliminate some descriptive text and make the navigation easier to access by putting it right below your survey title.

We’ve also added drop downs to our navigation buttons, which means you can get to the pages you’re looking for in fewer clicks. Instead of needing to go onto the Results page, for example, and then clicking on Individual Responses, you can get to that page directly through a drop down menu.

updated surveygizmo drop down menu

New Locations for Custom Options & New Name For Integrations

As part of the navigation streamlining, we’ve moved the Custom Reports and Custom Questions options out of the Plugins menu and into the Libraries Menu under the Account Section:

questions for custom reports

This is a better home for both of those options, since the section once known as Plugins has been renamed Integrations and now holds information about all the exciting third party software you can use with SurveyGizmo, including Salesforce, Stripe, and Google

guide to great survey design

Survey Advisors to Help You Build Better Surveys

SurveyGizmo offers over 40 question types…but how do you know if you’re picking the right one? This is just one of the many issues that can crop up during the survey creation process.

So, as part of our ongoing quest to help our customers create better surveys and get more accurate data, we’re creating Survey Advisors. These strategically placed panels will help guide you through building, designing, and reporting on your surveys.

Soon you’ll start seeing more panels like this one throughout SurveyGizmo:
new survey advisors

Each one will show up wherever our customers typically have questions, giving you instant advice so you can survey and report with confidence.

(Advanced users will be able to dismiss one Advisor panel at a time, or turn off the system if they don’t need any guidance.)

Have questions about the new navigation or Survey Advisor? Drop us a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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