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Computer Desktop, iPad, tablet, and mobile phone
Our Features

Question Types For Every Occasion

We have every basic question type from multiple choice to open text, and advanced analysis questions like Likert Scale and Net Promoter Score.

Question Everything

Complete Brand & Design Control

Customize logos, images, colors, sizes, layout, URL, and everything else about your project’s look. Bring your brand’s power to your online surveys & forms.

Rock your brand

Insightful Reporting & Data Analysis

Real-time updates & notifications, one-click advanced reports, and easy exporting mean you can act on your data quickly and with confidence.

Big data you can use

Advanced Survey Logic & Branching

Create super-interactive surveys that validate your respondents’ answers and respond to them by adding, removing, or customizing pages and questions.

If this, then that

Survey Distribution & Data Collection

Limitless ways to collect data. We make it easy to distribute your online surveys using email invitations, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media – all from within SurveyGizmo.

Send and receive

Real-Time Actions & Triggers

Send automatic emails, calculate quiz results, code custom JavaScript and JQuery actions, use data passed through URL variables and more!

Work smarter, not harder

Team & Collaboration Tools

Invite teams of users with privileges you can administrate. Use our built-in collaboration tools to make sure everyone stays on the same page.

Spread the love

Top Notch Security & Reliability

Your data is safe with us. With numerous anti-hacking measures, redundant firewalls, and constant security scans our customers sleep well knowing their data are protected.


Simple Third Party Integrations

Integrate with leading tools like Zapier, Salesforce, and ExactTarget. Plug us in and watch us go!

Plug and play

Customize With API & Developer Tools

Our REST API is a scalable, easy-to-integrate solution that lets you add powerful survey functionality to almost any web application.

forms && function();

Languages & ADA Accessibility

Our application’s interface and our online surveys themselves meet U.S. and international accessibility and usability standards.

Surveys everyone can enjoy

We Take Service To The Next Level

At SurveyGizmo, we’re insanely passionate about customer satisfaction. We hope you never have a problem, but if you do, we’ll fix it.

Check out online support
The Complete Features List
Basic Question Types (use customizations to create more)
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Textbox (Short Answer)
For brief responses of just a few words at a time
Essay (Long Text)
Used for longer text responses of a few sentences or more
Radio Buttons (Multiple Choice)
Set of options of which one or more than one answer can be chosen
Allow your respondents to select multiple answers from a list
Dropdown Menu
Single select questions with answer options in a pre-populated list
Rating (Likert Scale)
The most widely used approach to collecting responses based on a scale
Provide steps or descriptions to your survey as needed
Multi-Select Dropdown Menu
Select multiple answer options from a dropdown list
Textbox List
A list of short answer, open text fields with labels for each row
Textbox Grid
A grid of short answer, open text fields with labels for each row and column
Dropdown Menu List
A dropdown menu of possible response selections
Net Promoter Score
A customizable question type just for measuring customer sentiments
Radio Button Grid
A single select grid of radio button response options
Checkbox Grid
A grid of checkbox response options
Dropdown Menu Grid
A grid of dropdown menu response options
Drag & Drop Ranking
Allow respondents to drag and drop response options in order
Ranking Grid (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)
Drag and drop response options in the order of rank in grid form
Continuous Sum
Enter numeric values for a list of items that will automatically calculate the sum
Star Rating Grid
Use stars instead of numbers in your rating systems
Contact Form
A custom question type used as an easy way to collect contact information
Poll Charts
Show your respondents how other people answered the survey
Images and Videos
Upload images or videos to your survey
Video Embed
Add video that respondents can play and provide feedback
Audio Embed
Add audio to learn how respondents react to hearing the piece
Image Choice
Respondents click images as answer options
Custom Group
Group questions together and control their layout
Custom Table
Arrange different question types into a single format
File Upload
Allow respondents to upload files in the type of your choice
Safeguard against bots spamming your survey
HTML5: Input Type for Textbox
Use HTML5 input types to validate Textbox questions
Social Media Sharing
Get more responses by promoting your survey on social media
Quick Card Sort
Respondents drag and drop answers into groups
Closed Card Sort
Create “buckets” or Groups that respondents drag-n-drop in answers
Open Card Sort
Allow respondents to create categories or Groups to sort given answer
Advanced Question Features
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Slider Values
Allows respondents to drag a slider on a select value range
Cascading Dropdown Menu
Drill down through hierarchical data by using one dropdown menu as a filter into the next
Semantic Differential
A rating scale designed to identify the connotative meaning of objects, words, and concepts
Max Differential (Max Diff)
Used to indicate the best and worst attributes
Conjoint Analysis
Determine what attributes matter most to potential customers
Custom Questions Builder
Create your own question types like video questions, advanced sliders and eye tracking
Some Of Our Question Customization Features
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Make Questions Required
Require that respondents answer questions before moving on
Add/Edit Options in Bulk
Add/edit more than one option at once
"Other" Textbox
Give respondents the option to write in their own answer
Create Max Word Size
Set a limit for acceptible characters for text response
Change Textbox or Table Properties
Define the length, height, and width of a textbox or table
Separate Answer Titles and Reporting Values
Create shorter reporting values for internal reference and clearer reporting
Orientation of Labels and Options
Change your question's orientation to vertical, horizontal, or Likert scale
Dynamic Question Numbering
Numbers automatically show up next to each question
Suggest potential answers as a respondent types.
Template Hook Name
Use CSS to control the way your survey looks on a question-by-question basis
Automatically format answers as currency, percentage, or a whole number
Format Text
Adjust the size of text or make it bold, underlined, or italicized; add hyperlinks and images
Remove Question Numbering
Remove numbers next to questions
Open Text Analysis
Quantify and transform open text responses into actionable data
File Uploading Options
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Allow File Types
Define the types of files users can upload to your survey
Set Maximum Upload Size
Choose the maximum file size that survey takers can upload
Export Survey Questions to Word
Easily transport your questions into Microsoft Word
Survey Branding
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Dozens of Pre-Built Survey Templates
Get started fast with a time-saving survey template
Custom Thank You Page
Create a unique thank you page with your own messaging
Fully Customizable XHTML/CSS Templates
Customize your survey with XHTML and CSS
Customize Font Family and Size
Edit the text and text appearance within your survey
Customize Template Colors
Adjust colors to create your specific look and feel
Edit Survey Width
Define the width of your survey
Change Logo Alt Text and Footer Text
Edit logo alt text and footer text
Edit General Error Message
Customize any general error messages a respondent might receive from your survey
Edit "Next", "Submit", and "Close" Button Text
Customize the next, submit, and close buttons
Optional Back Button
Allow respondents to move backward in the survey to make edits
Optional Progress Bar
Show how much longer the survey will take to complete
Upload Logo
Upload your logo and display it in the survey
Optional "Powered by SurveyGizmo" Logo
Choose to include or remove "powered by SurveyGizmo" for white labeling purposes
Customize Language
Upload language text to survey, and have specific language show up based on browser settings
Language Selector Bar
Allow respondent to select language before starting the survey
Branded Subdomain Link
Add your brand to your survey link.
Private Domain Link
Fully brand your survey links removing any reference to SurveyGizmo.
iPad, iPhone, and Mobile Survey Themes
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
iPad Surveys
Access surveys on iPads and tablets
iPhone Surveys
Access surveys on iPhones and other mobile devices
Android Surveys
Access surveys on Android phones and other mobile devices
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Question Library
Use our massive question library and build your very own
File Library
Upload and store your own images and documents to use in surveys
Theme Library
Easily create themes that match your brand or choose one from our library
Create Reports
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Real-Time Reporting
Reports automatically update with new responses
Standard Report
Standard reporting that goes beyond standard, presenting all of your survey data
Profile Report
Compare one individual’s response to all responses
Cross Tab Report
Includes horizontal and vertical percentages and indexes
Page Fall-Off Report
Displays counts of respondents who abandon the survey on each page
TURF Report
Built-in Total Unreplicated Reach and Frequency analysis
Customize Reports
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Browse All Responses Individually
View each set of responses based on each respondent
Graph Your Data
View your data in a bar graph, pie chart, or spreadsheet
View Reports Online
See reports in real time
Close Partial Records
Submit all partial records as completed
Create an Appendix
Used for essay responses and/or group contact information in reports
Separate Answer Titles and Reporting Values
Create short reporting values for internal reference and clearer reporting
Embed Report Into a Website or Intranet
Have your report display directly on a webpage
Standard Report Table Averages
Display averages within your report
Filter Your Reports
View only specific answers to specific questions
Include "Partial" Responses
Have partial responses display in your report
Private Reports
Password protection to limit access to reports
Track and collect information based on the location data of your respondents
Remove Question Numbering
Disable the numbers usually displayed next to each question
Export Data
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Export Data to CSV
Export data to CVS file type
Export Report to Excel
Export report to Excel
Export Report to PDF
Export report to PDF
Export Data to SPSS
Export data to SPSS
Schedule Reports
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Schedule Report to Run
Automatically run daily, weekly, or monthly reports
Schedule Email Reports
Schedule reports to be emailed out to designated recipients automatically
Advanced Reporting Features
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Track Time Spent on Survey
See how long it takes for each respondent to complete your survey
HTTP Form Post
Synchronize survey responses with an external database in real time
Data Cleaning Tools
Remove responses based on common signs of bad data
Create your own custom question reports using our survey API
Advanced Logic
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Survey Login (password protection)
Give each respondent secure, unique access your survey
Hidden Value
Log data that is not visible to your respondents
Soft-Required Questions
Remind respondents after sumbitting the page when they missed a question
Quiz Score with Pass/Fail
Answers are evaluated as correct/incorrect based on your answer key
Quiz Score with Tally
Assign points per answer and keep a running total for a tally-style quiz
Send Email
Share survey results through a personalized email
Redirect Browser
Redirect respondents to external sites on completion or disqualification
Hide a Question by Default
Choose not to display a question unless certain conditions are met
Page Randomization
Prevent bias by randomizing the order of your survey's pages bias by randomizing the order of your survey's pages
Question Randomization
Change up the order in which your survey questions appear
Option Randomization
Randomize the pre-populated answers to your survey questions
Column Randomization
In a table style question, randomize the order of columns
Auto-Close Date
Set individual survey links to close automatically on a certain date
Link Quota
Automaticaly close your survey after it reaches number of responses
Question-Based Quota
Close surveys after a number of respondents has answered in a certain way
RegEx Validation
A sequence of characters used to validate specific string formats.
Duplicate Protection
Cookie and IP-Based protection allows for one response per computer
Scripting Control
Add Custom Scripting and JavaScript to your survey.
Show or Hide a Question
Use the answer to a previous question to show or hide another question
Advanced Page Jumping
Jump a respondent to a specific page based on previous answers
A/B Split Testing
Compare two versions of a survey to determine which one performs better
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Question Piping
Repeat a question based on previously selected options
Option Piping
Append the answers from a question on a previous page to the answers of the current question
URL Variable Option Piping
Add a new option into a question from each value in a URL variable
Page Piping
Repeat an entire page of questions for each previously selected option
It's Your Data
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Responses Per Survey
Unlimited responses per survey!
Data Exporting
Easily export your responses for use in external systems or databases (CSV, Excel, PDF, or SPSS)
Never Delete Data
Data is secured so you never have to worry about it being lost
Data Import Tool
Import data into your survey from other surveys and external sources
Default Link
Use as the base of the link
Secure Link
Choose between Normal (http://) and Secure (https://) links
Short Link
Automatically generated shortened links
Branded Subdomain Link
Create a customized link using your subdomain
Private Domain Link
Completely branded link with no reference to SurveyGizmo
Embed a Survey
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
JavaScript Embed
Embed surveys using JavaScript
iFrame Embed
Embed surveys using an iFrame
HTML Embed
Copy the HTML code for the first page of the survey
Pop-up Surveys
Display a survey on top of a user's current browser
Website Intercept Survey
Collect feedback from website visitors
Email Invitations
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Save and Continue Links
Let respondents save their progress so they can complete the survey at a later time
Plain Text Emails
Send emails in plain text
Test Emails
Send a test email to make sure your survey is ready for launch
HTML Emails
Send emails using HTML
Reminder Emails
Automate reminder emails
Thank You Messages
Send a thank you message to those that have completed your survey
Schedule Email Campaigns
Schedule email invitations to launch on your schedule
Specify "From and Reply" Addresses
Customize email from and reply to addresses
View Status of Sent Emails
See email bounces, unsubscribes, opens, and more
Secure Email Invite Links
Send secure survey links (SSL/HTTPS)
Pay for Responses with a Panel
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Reach a Custom Audience
Work with our panel project manager to reach your target audience quickly and easily
Contact Management System
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Upload Contacts From File
Upload contacts directly into SurveyGizmo
Add a Single Contact
Easily manage contact information within our system
Kiosk Surveys
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Kiosk Surveys
Auto-advance surveys after completion for kiosks, exhibits, and in-person events
Offline Surveys
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Offline Surveys
Create HTML5 surveys that let you collect data without internet access
QR Codes
Create and use QR codes for respondents to easily scan and reach survey on cell phones
QR Codes/2D Matrix
Allows users to take your surveys by scanning QR codes (2D matrices)
Anonymous Surveys
Protect privacy and collect truthful responses with respondent anonymity
Anonymous Survey Data
Collect anonymous survey data from respondents
Basic Actions
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Safeguard against bots spamming your survey
Response Review
Allows your respondents to review their response to the survey
Advanced Actions
Advanced elements that can be added to your survey to perform a task
Google Spreadsheet Integration
Update spreadsheets in real time as your data comes in
Payment Forms
Allow respondents to submit payment through forms
HTTP Form Post
Synchronize survey responses with an external database in real time
JavaScript Actions
Further customize your survey with custom scripting
Skip Logic
Skip to another question or page based on previous response
A/B Split Testing
Compare two versions of a survey to determine which one performs better
Advanced Logic
Show only the questions and pages that matter to your respondents and reduce survey fatigue
Send Email
Send your survey via email
Quiz Score with Pass/Fail
Upload correct answers and have respondents receive score based on this answer key
Quiz Score with Tally
Assign points per answer and keep a running total for a tally style quiz
Hide a Question by Default
Do not show a question unless certain conditions are met
Survey Login (password protection)
Only those with passwords can enter your survey
Post data to outside sources
Communicate with external webpages via HTTP POST or HTTP GET standard
Scripting Control
Create custom scripting
Team Edition Options
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Sub Accounts
Organize accounts within main accounts to keep projects organized
Dedicated Account Manager
Work with a personal account manager
HIPAA compliant features available
Site license
Grant your entire company access to SurveyGizmo
Easily create surveys with your team and get stakeholder buy-in
Private Sign up
Offer SurveyGizmo to your students or clients at a discounted rate
Private Training
Take part in a live, interactive software training
Personalized training from SurveyGizmo to get your team going right away
User Counts
Activate multiple users in your account, each with their own login
Collaboration Test Links
Share your survey with other people to make comments and collaborate on changes
App White Labeling
Style your surveygizmo application according to your branding
Structure users in team and department-based groups
Create custom roles like reporter, publisher, distributor, and tester
User Permissions
Keep your data private by allowing only the access users need
Survey Security
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Survey Login (password protection)
Require a password to view survey
Private Reports
Require a password to view a report
Secure Links
Create secure (https://) links for your surveys
Secure Email Invite Links
Each respondent receives unique url to survey via email
Project Data Encryption
256-bit encryption for your data as it is stored at rest
Send secure survey links (SSL/HTTPS)
Use SSL/HTTPS links
Account Management Security
Team and user based permissions
Team-Based Permissions
Restric access by group
User-Based Permissions
Restrict access by user
99% Guaranteed Uptime
Redundant Firewalls and Load Balancers
Hardware redundancy to keep your data safe
Compatible with All Web Browsers
Use any browser with SurveyGizmo
Standard Integrations
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Control when, where, and how surveys will appear on social media with Buffer’s scheduling abilities
Google Analytics
Get detailed insight into your survey’s performance with the world’s most popular analytics tool
Google Sheets
Update spreadsheets in real time as your data comes in
Post surveys to your Facebook Wall
Share surveys directly to Twitter
Collect payments of all kinds within your survey using Stripe payment processing
Integrate through Zapier
Connect to apps so your data can be where you want it, when you want it
Find qualified respondents to take your surveys
Automatically pull and push survey data to instantly create or update prospect and customer profiles
Marketing Cloud
Pull and push information to and from Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Advanced Question Features & Integration Tools
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Open API Access
Use our API to create your own custom integrations with third party software tools
Integration Tools
Integrate directly with our pre-made integrations
HTTP Form Post
Synchronize survey responses with an external database in real time
Custom Scripting
If you have scripting chops, use custom scripting to further fine tune your survey
Custom Questions
Create your own custom questions
Custom Reporting
Create your own custom reports
Support and Other Services
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Online Documentation
Step-by-step documentation helps you become a survey master in no time
Online Community
Get answers from other users and our approved moderators for 24/7 survey support
Premium Support
Email, chat, and scheduled telephone
Email Support
Contact our support team via email
Chat with our service team if you have questions
Scheduled Phone Service
Schedule an appointment to talk with a member of our team

Build Surveys, Polls, and More!

The Basics
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Unlimited Surveys
Create and run as many surveys as you'd like
Unlimited Questions
Build surveys with as many questions as you'd like
Upgrade or Downgrade at Any Time
You're free to change your account level at any time
Multi-Page Surveys
Use as many pages on your survey as you'd like
Import Surveys From Word
Save time on survey creation by importing your survey questions from word into SurveyGizmo
Unlimited Quizzes & Web Forms
Create and run as many quizzes and web forms as you'd like
Custom Templates
We offer numerous survey templates to save you time
Have the freedom to customize the language of your survey with region specific keywords

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