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Allow Surveys to Respond to Feedback Automatically

Email your team or your respondents right away, display instant quiz scores, or collect payment on the spot. Use actions and triggers to create surveys that interact instantly.

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Create surveys that respond ASAP so you can too

Automatically Send Emails

Send an email containing response data at any point during your survey or form, even if your respondent didn’t complete it. Use email actions to send respondents their answers, or stay in the loop by sending them to yourself.

Add Custom JavaScript

Set hidden values and record things like customer IDs without displaying them on the screen. You can also enter your own JavaScript code and gain even more control over how your projects act.

Real-Time Quiz Score Calculation

SurveyGizmo can calculate results on the fly – making it ideal for building online quizzes. We offer both pass/fail and grade-based quizzes. Grade respondents in real-time and show their score immediately after.

Basic Actions

Cause real world actions using built-in survey actions, including automatic email notifications, pushing and pulling data to third party services, and much, much more.


Safeguard against bots spamming your survey

Response Review

Allows your respondents to review their response to the survey

Advanced Actions

Advanced elements that can be added to your survey to perform a task

Google Spreadsheet Integration

Update spreadsheets in real time as your data comes in

Payment Forms

Allow respondents to submit payment through forms

HTTP Form Post

Synchronize survey responses with an external database in real time

JavaScript Actions

Further customize your survey with custom scripting

Skip Logic

Skip to another question or page based on previous response

A/B Split Testing

Compare two versions of a survey to determine which one performs better

Advanced Logic

Show only the questions and pages that matter to your respondents and
reduce survey fatigue

Send Email

Send your survey via email

Quiz Score with Pass/Fail

Upload correct answers and have respondents receive score based on this answer key

Quiz Score with Tally

Assign points per answer and keep a running total for a tally style quiz

Hide a Question by Default

Do not show a question unless certain conditions are met

Survey Login (password protection)

Only those with passwords can enter your survey

Post data to outside sources

Communicate with external webpages via HTTP POST or HTTP GET standard

Scripting Control

Create custom scripting

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