Work Efficiently With Co-Workers and Clients


Work Efficiently With Co-Workers and Clients

Give other teams, departments, and even other clients access to SurveyGizmo.

Built-in collaboration tools allow multiple users to work on projects as part of a team, or build their own survey projects.

Flexible user permissions, team structures, and defined roles options allow you to mirror your internal structure. This way, users can access the data they need while you maintain control over sensitive data like billing details or confidential responses.

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Role-based permissions enable secure team projects

Brainstorm Changes

Quickly and easily post comments and suggestions within the survey and form builder. Gain consensus on changes to improve your survey and data.

Assign Roles & Permissions

Our collaborative survey-building environment lets you enjoy the magic of brainstorming to build more powerful projects while managing team and user-based roles and permissions.

Protect Your Data

Restrict editing abilities as necessary to make sure Kevin the Intern doesn’t accidentally delete your company’s precious data. Seriously! Kevin’s got to earn that kind of trust.

Collaboration and security, all in the same software

Team & Collaboration Tools

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