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The Power to Personalize

SurveyGizmo is built to be flexible. Developers have access to JavaScript, Custom Scripting, and our API, allowing you to customize appearances and add integrations beyond our standard offerings.

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Expand the impact of your surveys & forms


Our full-featured RESTful API is upgraded regularly to ensure we are providing the best tool possible. Some customers rarely actually log in – they just use our API for everything!

Custom Scripting

Build questions, custom reports, and actions, or even add your own JavaScript anywhere you like. Once it’s built, you can easily add it to any of your surveys.

Development Consulting

Not sure where to start? Let our Solutions Engineers accelerate your development efforts. We can help you identify best practices and avoid potential pitfalls before you start coding.

Advanced Question Features & Integration Tools

The SurveyGizmo API (Application Programming Interface) can be used to integrate SurveyGizmo with just about any third party software service. Unlike many survey software tools, SurveyGizmo gives your developers access to the API so that your team can build the customizations you need to get the most out of your data.

Open API Access

Use our API to create your own custom integrations with third party software tools

Integration Tools

Integrate directly with our pre-made integrations

HTTP Form Post

Synchronize survey responses with an external database in real time

Custom Scripting

If you have scripting chops, use custom scripting to further fine tune your survey

Custom Questions

Create your own custom questions

Custom Reporting

Create your own custom reports