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Hundreds of Question Types, Formats, and Styles

Ask just about any question just about any way that you want using our huge variety of question types and formatting tools. You can even use our API to create totally custom question types to get exactly the data you’re after.

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The power to ask questions just the way you want

Varied Question Types

SurveyGizmo has dozens of distinct question types and each question type can be modified dozens of ways. Plus, each question is mobile optimized to help you collect the best data regardless of device.

Amazing Validation

SurveyGizmo has the most flexible validation system of any survey tool. Make questions required, provide parameters to each individual question’s response, build math, formulas, or complicated rules (if you need to).

Invent Your Own

Doing highly custom research? Need to build a custom question type? Something uniquely interactive? No problem! Use our Custom Question API to build new question types directly from your imagination and business requirements.

Basic Question Types (use customizations to create more)

Good questions make good data. These question types come standard with all SurveyGizmo plans and can be endlessly customized to collect exactly the insights you need.

Textbox (Short Answer)

For brief responses of just a few words at a time

Essay (Long Text)

Used for longer text responses of a few sentences or more

Radio Buttons (Multiple Choice)

Set of options of which one or more than one answer can be chosen


Allow your respondents to select multiple answers from a list

Dropdown Menu

Single select questions with answer options in a pre-populated list

Rating (Likert Scale)

The most widely used approach to collecting responses based on a scale


Provide steps or descriptions to your survey as needed

Multi-Select Dropdown Menu

Select multiple answer options from a dropdown list

Textbox List

A list of short answer, open text fields with labels for each row

Textbox Grid

A grid of short answer, open text fields with labels for each row and column

Dropdown Menu List

A dropdown menu of possible response selections

Net Promoter Score

A customizable question type just for measuring customer sentiments

Radio Button Grid

A single select grid of radio button response options

Checkbox Grid

A grid of checkbox response options

Dropdown Menu Grid

A grid of dropdown menu response options

Drag & Drop Ranking

Allow respondents to drag and drop response options in order

Ranking Grid (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)

Drag and drop response options in the order of rank in grid form

Continuous Sum

Enter numeric values for a list of items that will automatically calculate the sum

Star Rating Grid

Use stars instead of numbers in your rating systems

Contact Form

A custom question type used as an easy way to collect contact information

Poll Charts

Show your respondents how other people answered the survey

Images and Videos

Upload images or videos to your survey

Video Embed

Add video that respondents can play and provide feedback

Audio Embed

Add audio to learn how respondents react to hearing the piece

Image Choice

Respondents click images as answer options

Custom Group

Group questions together and control their layout

Custom Table

Arrange different question types into a single format

File Upload

Allow respondents to upload files in the type of your choice


Safeguard against bots spamming your survey

HTML5: Input Type for Textbox Subtitle

Use HTML5 input types to validate Textbox questions

Social Media Sharing

Get more responses by promoting your survey on social media

Quick Card Sort

Respondents drag and drop answers into groups

Closed Card Sort

Create “buckets” or Groups that respondents drag-n-drop in answers

Open Card Sort

Allow respondents to create categories or Groups to sort given answer

Advanced Question Features

Level up your surveys and data collection sophistication with advanced question types. These questions include their own unique advanced reports with custom charts and graphs to display in-depth insights.

Slider Values

Allows respondents to drag a slider on a select value range

Cascading Dropdown Menu

Drill down through hierarchical data by using one dropdown menu as a filter into the next

Semantic Differential

A rating scale designed to identify the connotative meaning of objects, words, and concepts

Max Differential (Max Diff)

Used to indicate the best and worst attributes

Conjoint Analysis

Determine what attributes matter most to potential customers

Custom Questions Builder

Create your own question types like video questions, advanced sliders and eye tracking

Some Of Our Question Customization Features

Expand the usefulness of SurveyGizmo’s standard library of questions by making them your own. Question customizations help you build the exact survey you want to collect the exact data you need.

Make Questions Required

Require that respondents answer questions before moving on

Add/Edit Options in Bulk

Add/edit more than one option at once

“Other” Textbox

Give respondents the option to write in their own answer

Create Max Word Size

Set a limit for acceptible characters for text response

Change Textbox or Table Properties

Define the length, height, and width of a textbox or table

Separate Answer Titles and Reporting Values

Create shorter reporting values for internal reference and clearer reporting

Orientation of Labels and Options

Change your question’s orientation to vertical, horizontal, or Likert scale

Dynamic Question Numbering

Numbers automatically show up next to each question


Suggest potential answers as a respondent types.

Template Hook Name

Use CSS to control the way your survey looks on a question-by-question basis


Automatically format answers as currency, percentage, or a whole number

Format Text

Adjust the size of text or make it bold, underlined, or italicized; add hyperlinks and images

Remove Question Numbering

Remove numbers next to questions

Open Text Analysis

Quantify and transform open text responses into actionable data

Explore Plans

With 1000s of features and multiple plan levels to choose from, there’s a SurveyGizmo account for you.

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File Uploading Options

Go beyond multiple choice and short answer questions by inviting respondents to include their own files, whether it’s images for a brand awareness study or resumes in a job application form. SurveyGizmo makes it easy.

Allow File Types

Define the types of files users can upload to your survey

Set Maximum Upload Size

Choose the maximum file size that survey takers can upload

Export Survey Questions to Word

Export Survey Questions to Word
Easily transport your questions into Microsoft Word