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Create Beautiful Surveys Every Time

Customize the URL where your survey is hosted, insert your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo, and generally take control of the entire survey-taking experience. SurveyGizmo can fade into the background to keep the focus on your brand.

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Quickly and easily create surveys that are on brand and in style

Easy-to-Style Surveys & Reports

Use our easy theme builder to create surveys that compliment your brand. If you’re an HTML & CSS wizard, you’ll love that we give you full access to your survey’s layout and styles.

Fonts, Colors, and Logos

Choose a pre-designed survey theme, or customize the look and feel of your survey with your own fonts, color scheme, and images. You can even customize your survey's URL.

Customize Your Survey Content

You can customize every bit of text in your survey – add instructions, change button text, error messages, your final page’s text, and much more. Now, your survey’s language and tone can perfectly match your brand’s.

Use your colors, logos and fonts

Brand & Design Control

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Survey Branding
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Dozens of Pre-Built Survey Templates
Custom Thank You Page
Fully Customizable XHTML/CSS Templates
Customize Font Family and Size
Customize Template Colors
Edit Survey Width
Change Logo Alt Text and Footer Text
Edit General Error Message
Edit "Next", "Submit", and "Close" Button Text
Optional Back Button
Optional Progress Bar
Upload Logo
Optional "Powered by SurveyGizmo" Logo
Customize Language
Language Selector Bar
Link Branding (Generate Branded Survey URLs)
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Branded Subdomain Link
Private Domain Link
iPad, iPhone, and Mobile Survey Themes
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
iPad Surveys
Create iPad-compatible surveys
iPhone Surveys
Create iPhone-compatible surveys
Android Surveys
Create surveys compatible with Android phones and tablets
Free Basic Pro Team Edition
Question Library
Use our massive question library, and build one of your own
File Library
Upload and store your own images and documents in your SurveyGizmo account
Theme Library
Use our standard themes...or make your own
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