Export Options for Survey Data

Once your survey project is complete and the data is all in, SurveyGizmo’s advanced reporting features help you dive into analysis.

But for times when you want to display survey data into another piece of software, we offer flexible data export options.

Quickly and easily export your report into any of these formats:

  • PDF:An exact replica of your SurveyGizmo reports.
  • Excel:Customize spreadsheet-driven charts of aggregated survey data.
  • Word:Include charts of aggregate data in Word documents.
  • PowerPoint:Liven up presentations with charts based on your survey results.

You can also export your raw survey data in several different formats for use in external systems or databases. CSV, Excel, PDF, and SPSS are all available, and each one offers options for customization.

Complete Guide to Survey Exports in SurveyGizmo

Check out a collection of how-to guides for every type of data export we offer.

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