Precision Feedback Tool: Surveying Your Audience with Text Highlighter Questions

Getting input on your writing is a complicated process. It doesn’t matter if you’re asking for feedback on a soon-to-be-released product description, a blog post, a creative writing sample, or advertising copy — the process is almost always convoluted. While collaborative writing tools like Google Docs are easy to use, they just don’t cut it…

What it Takes to be a Top Workplace in 2017

While charismatic leadership may make the news, when it comes to determining whether or not a company is a great place to work, the opinion that matters is that of the regular employee. This is why The Denver Post focuses on reaching and receiving input directly from employees when they compile their yearly list of Top…

How to Choose the Right SurveyGizmo Licenses

How are licenses better than plan levels? Oh, let me count the ways. That said, the new licenses are different enough from our old plans that it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions and explain some of the new, exciting features of SurveyGizmo Licenses.

Canadian Data Privacy Laws and Securing Your Survey Data

To make the best decisions for your business, you have to collect data from your customers. But keeping that data private and secure is more important than ever before, whether you are a private company or a public service. In an attempt to keep citizen data secure, may countries have passed their own data privacy…

SurveyGizmo’s New Solutions Licenses!

On January 17th, 2017, SurveyGizmo is making changes to our plans and pricing to help us solve a problem common to businesses and customers like you. Which problem? How to keep improving the product without raising prices for everyone!

Ring in the New Year with 24/7 Customer Support

Technical problems with software rarely happen on a 9–5 schedule. More often than not, you discover these little errors and hang-ups at the most inopportune times: late at night, early in the morning, over the weekend, and especially when you are traveling out of town for business.