SurveyGizmo for Healthcare

A Complete Solution for Health and Patient-Related Organizations


Use Data to Make Actionable Decisions

Healthcare is changing and data is more necessary than ever to understand and optimize the experience provided to patients and employees.

SurveyGizmo powers feedback collection from key stakeholders across your organization and data visualization options to empower the use of data to make actionable decisions that that benefit your business.

Let us tailor a customized healthcare solution for your organization today.

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Collect Any Kind of Data

With 40+ question types, from multiple choice and text boxes to file uploads and NPS, collect exactly the data you need.


Industry-leading security protocols and compliant measures ensure your patients are protected.

Full Design & Brand Control

Fully brand all of your surveys and the app itself to match your exact brand guidelines, including colors, fonts, and logos.

Ready to Use Templates

Get started fast with fully customizable templates built specifically for health care organizations like yours.

Using Data Throughout Healthcare: From the Boardroom to the Examination Room


Patient Experience

Patients are more than just customers. They come to you with an illness or ailment, seeking answers from experts. Providing them with a satsifactory experience, and solely that, is not enough. SurveyGizmo allows you to collect feedback from patients every step of the way, to provide the best possible experience across the entire patient entire lifecycle.

  • Get feedback on the appointment scheduling and check-in process to get them started on the right foot.
  • Allow patients to rate their doctors, nurses, or other providers on anything from timeliness to bedside manner.
  • HIPAA compliance and industry leading security means you won't have to worry about your patient data being compromised.

Employee Experience

To be a truly successful healthcare organization, your sole focus can't be on patients alone. Employees also play a vital role in making sure your values and processes are being followed and there's a need to keep them engaged and happy -- meaning better patient care. With SurveyGizmo, you can collect:

  • Satisfaction of employees from across the enterprise. What makes them happy and what they feel needs to be improved.
  • Engagement feedback on whether or not they feel empowered to provide the best care to all of your patients.
  • Pulse surveys to get critical feedback in times of change to make sure your patient experience won't be interrupted.

Data Visualization

What good is all of the data you've collected about patients and employees if you don't know make of it? SurveyGizmo offers several data visualization options to make sure you can take quick action and produce measurable results.

  • Advanced reporting capabilities that allow you to look at all of your data holistically, or drill down into segments with greater focus.
  • The InsightCanvas allows you to put a narrative to your data, so everyone in your organization knows exactly what action should be taken.
  • Data reporting and visualizations can be communicated to stakeholders from across your organization in real-time.