How to Show Only Relevant Survey Questions Using Logic

The path to completing a survey isn’t always linear. Sometimes there are hidden passages, trap doors, and secret rooms that only a few respondents need to access. When you want to make sure your respondents only see questions that are relevant to them without cutting vital questions out of your survey, you need skip logic….

The Perfect Survey Length: Why Less is More

Buy less, own less, live smaller – between car sharing services, urban bike rental outposts, and the rise of the tiny house movement, minimalism is trending. Our cultural values may be shifting toward less is more when it comes to consumer goods, but are we becoming more conscious of how we use the most precious…

How to Use Email Segmentation to Improve Customer Survey Frequency and Effectiveness

Today, researchers and marketers are under a lot of pressure to survey customers more frequently and get answers faster.

At the same time, it’s getting more difficult to get responses from our customers. Survey response rates are dropping across virtually every industry.

In this article we’ll talk about sending out more surveys, but to smaller segments of your customer list.