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Obstacles to success can come in all shapes and sizes.
SurveyGizmo is versatile enough to efficiently solve your organizational problems, no matter how challenging or complex, with solutions custom tailored for your business.

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Business solutions designed specifically for your organization

SurveyGizmo is built to fit the mold of your business, no matter how large or small it might be. From solving problems within one department, like collecting and communicating product feedback data, to a challenge that involves an entire organization, SurveyGizmo has the solution.

With a SurveyGizmo Team and Enterprise plan, every member of your team is able to complete their core functions. No one has too much, or too little access. The decisions on who needs to collect, analyze, and share any data are determined by your organization with comprehensive, role-based security settings.

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“We’ve been able to do so much with SurveyGizmo for such a small cost. We’d be spending ten times as much to get the same functionality in another solution.”

- Sean Payton, Business Operations Manager, DISH

The SurveyGizmo Advantage


Seamless integration capabilities allow your SurveyGizmo platform to connect with other enterprise systems, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and SSO providers to boost efficiency and reduce cost.


The key to a successful enterprise solution is the ability to scale to the size of your problem. SurveyGizmo's team and enterprise solutions scale to perfectly fit your challenge - no matter how large or complex.


One of your organization’s top priorities should be data security. SurveyGizmo protects all data to the highest industry standards, leaving you with peace of mind that all of your data is safe and sound -- 24/7.

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The best professional survey tool there is at a great price.
Peter Varga
Head Researcher, Flash Media Group
FedEx General Electric ExxonMobile
I find SurveyGizmo invaluable and use it every day.
Joy Walko
Office Manager, Stark Leadership
Bloomberg Television Kaiser Permanente Medtronic

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