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  • Incredibly versatileSurveygizmo can be customized to meet a wide range of data-collection demands.
  • Unlimited ResponsesCollect as much data as you want without ever having to worry about hidden fees or overage charges.
  • Flexible PricingScale up at any time, and down on your account anniversary
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Business solutions designed specifically for your organization

SurveyGizmo is built to fit the mold of your business, no matter how large or small it might be. From solving problems within one department, like collecting and communicating product feedback data, to a challenge that involves an entire organization, SurveyGizmo has the solution.

With a SurveyGizmo Team and Enterprise plan, every member of your team is able to complete their core functions. No one has too much, or too little access. The decisions on who needs to collect, analyze, and share any data are determined by your organization with comprehensive, role-based security settings.

Why SurveyGizmo:

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Insights for fast decisions

Gain real-time actionable insights to make smarter business decisions. We'll capture the right data at the right time and visualize it in a manner that helps you take action to grow your business.

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We don't charge per response

Most software platforms charge you for every survey response. At SurveyGizmo we provide flat prices with unlimited responses. We think it's wrong to charge per response.

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Out of the box advanced data collection

With over 300+ features and complete customizations, you have the world's most robust survey software platform at your fingertips. The sky is the limit on what you can accomplish.

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"SurveyGizmo has done an excellent job balancing the ability to do complex tasks with a feature-rich interface design that doesn't get in the way or require long hours of training to use effectively."

PC Magazine | 2018 Editor’s Choice Award

Seek data, discover insights & grow your business.

With insights powered by SurveyGizmo, smarter business decisions are finally possible.