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The final stages of this consultation will involve development of input from scientists in North America to Future Earth -- its Interim Director and its Scientific Committee; and to ICSU. To this end, you are invited to provide the planning team with your thoughts/advice/recommendations on the questions below and with any other comments you would like to provide. All input received will be compiled and the compilation will be posted on the Future Earth North American Consultation web site (http://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/biso/futureearth/index.htm). The compilation will also serve as the basis for an interim report to be submitted to Future Earth’s and ICSU’s leadership, and the Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability. In thinking about these questions, you may want to draw on the following background information: the Initial Design Report for Future Earth (http://www.icsu.org/future-earth/media-centre/relevant_publications/FutureEarthdraftinitialdesignreport.pdf); the presentations that were made and the discussions held during the first two webinars in this consultation (http://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/biso/futureearth/index.htm); and the latest Future Earth Newsletter (http://www.icsu.org/future-earth/whats-new/future-earth-newsletter-form).
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8. Do you feel that the search themes that Future Earth has articulated allow it to address the questions and challenges you identified in question 1 (if "no", please explain)?
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