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Short Developer Personality Test

Welcome to DZone's *Short* Developer Personality Test!

This 25-question test will give you the 5 dimensions of your developer personality, much like the famous Myers-Briggs personality test. You will see your results on the second-to-last page. On the last page, you'll see descriptions of each dimension.

To take the *Full* version (62-questions), go here.

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You prefer to have shared programming spaces for a majority of your daily work so you can constantly bounce ideas off of each other. *This question is required.
You like to have your ideas and opinions challenged by team members. *This question is required.
1. You find that your quality of work increases significantly when you collaborate or pair program frequently. *This question is required.
2. Collaboration often doesn't result in significant innovations. Individual study and research is much more fruitful in this regard. *This question is required.
You prefer coding projects where you are the main designer and writer of the crucial code. *This question is required.
You dislike having to make a case for your views on the direction of development (which tools to use, processes, etc.) to your colleagues. *This question is required.
You like sharing the highs and lows of development with colleagues in a team. *This question is required.
You like working on solo projects for days on end. *This question is required.
3. You often ask for help, even if you don’t need it but you’re curious for another perspective. *This question is required.
4. You will often defer to other people on your team that you disagree with if they are very confident in their beliefs and you know they have strong technical knowledge. *This question is required.
More developers are only needed on a project when the lead developer needs to delegate some of the tasks. If the lead dev can do it on their own, they should. *This question is required.
You think real-time pair programming is a bad idea about 90% of the time. *This question is required.
5. You get out of your office multiple times a day to discuss coding issues or ideas with others. *This question is required.
You believe that the best software is usually built from the architectural vision of one person, rather than a collection of ideas from multiple people. *This question is required.