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Alumni Association Application for Board Approval

Per the Code of Beta Theta Pi the requirements of an Alumni Association as listed below: 


SECTION 1. Organization: Area associations of alumni members of the fraternity may be organized by taking the following actions:

A. There must be at least five founding members interested in forming the association.

B. The interested parties must file with the Administrative Office an application form containing such information as the Board of Trustees directs.

C. Such application is approved by the Board of Trustees. At the time of such approval the Board of Trustees shall name such alumni association.

SECTION 2. Representation at Conventions: Alumni associations shall be entitled to representation in the General Convention if they have met the requirements set forth in Chapter XI, Section 1 of the Laws of Beta Theta Pi and have completed the following to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees:

A. The Alumni Association shall provide the Administrative Office with a list of officers which shall include their addresses and phone numbers,

B. The Alumni Association holds a minimum of two functional meetings in the year preceding the opening of that General Convention. An annual report of activities and events shall be submitted to the Administrative Office, and

C. The Alumni Association shall designate an official delegate and alternate delegate and submit their names to the Administrative Office.

If your alumni association is seeking formal approval from Beta's Board of Trustees (as outlined in Section 1 above), please complete the form below. 
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To the Board of Trustees of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity:

We, the undersigned members of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, having graduated or withdrawn from a University or College, and serving, hosting events for, and communicating with alumni request formal recognition as an Alumni Association of Beta Theta Pi. If this application were to be granted we believe it would allow us to maintain an Alumni Association that would continue the pursuit of developing men of principle for a principled life and honor the belief that in this fraternity, members are members for life. Your authorization would grant us all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities provided to our Alumni Association by the Code of Beta Theta Pi and in doing so we yield our association to the rules and policies outlined by the Code of Beta Theta Pi.

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2. Please attach a roster of at least five members (including yourself) of your Association. Please include each member's name, University or College of graduation, and year of graduation.