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CCTOP Visit Days- Steinhardt, Silver, SPS

Welcome to CCTOP!

The Community College Transfer Opportunity Program (CCTOP) was created to help community college students make the transition from a participating consortium college to the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, to the NYU Silver School of Social Work, or to the NYU-SPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (DAUS). For more information on the scholarship ranges, eligibility requirements, qualifying majors, and application information and deadlines, please click on the appropriate link below.
For information on the CCTOP program as it applies to the Steinhardt and Silver Schools.
For information on the CCTOP program as it applies to the NYU-SPS.
To register for a Visit Day, with a tour and transfer-specific information session, please continue!
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There are multiple options in the Media and Communications fields available through CCTOP. In Steinhardt, the Media, Culture and Communication program is grounded in the liberal arts, providing students with the critical thinking skills necessary to understand the sociological, political and cultural aspects of communication technologies and systems. Students use this degree and its many internship opportunities to lay the foundation for everything from advertising and public relations to law or business careers. In SPS-DAUS, the Digital Communications and Media program offers two concentrations: Time-Based Media: Video and Motion Design, with a focus on linear production and post-production for video and broadcast media, and Interactive Media: Web and Mobile Devices, with a focus on design and programming for websites, mobile devices, and other interactive displays. The Media Studies concentration in DAUS' Social Sciences program provides students with the knowledge and analytical skills to understand and examine contemporary global media and explores the role that the media play in constructing identities and worldviews. Please indicate the school/major that you're interested in:
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