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UFH CPCPE Intern Application - update2018

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United Family Healthcare
Center for Primary Care Practice and Education
Internship Application

Introduction: Thank you for considering an internship/medical observeship with United Family Healthcare’s Center for Primary Care Practice and Education. Rotation activities may include shadowing of assigned clinic and inpatient physicians, completing assigned quality improvement projects, and case preparation and presentation.If you wish to do an internship and volunteer for non-family medicine specialities, you may contact the relevant department chair directly or email Human resources at chair information for each specialty and location is on at

Generally, you are expected to be here Monday-Friday, from 0830-1730. As space is limited, application will be processed based on completion date. This is a volunteer position and will not include any stipend but lunch is provided. Candidates who were accepted but had to cancel their rotation need to wait 6 months before reapplying.
Applicants who are interested in specialties other than primary care should apply to those specialties directly by contacting the human resources of their interested facility.

At this time, this program is unable to accommodate personal who are under 18 years old at the time of the internship/medical observeship. The program is also unable to provide any invitation letter needed for visa. 
Applications are taken 4 weeks to 4 months of the intended internship. Those living outside may apply up to 12 months ahead.

Interested applicants should fill out this form and the upload the following at the end of this form. All items are needed for completion of the application. If you do not hear back within 10 working days of your application, please email No reply will be given for incomplete application.

• English Resume
a. One page limit
b. Identifying information (name, email, etc)
c. Education: List relevant experience in chronological order
d. Work Experience: List relevant experience in chronological order
e. Other information as space permits.
*Upon acceptance of this internship position a list of the vaccinations is asked be submitted at CPCPE Internship Required Vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to the starting day.

• Applicants who do not live in China on a regular basis OR those who have not graduated from high school will also need to submit two recommendation letters from those who have supervised him/her before.

• Chinese ID card or passport

• Vaccination card or blood test results indicating vaccination or immunity to the following infectious diseases.
a. Hepatitis B. This is a routine childhood vaccine in many countries. Otherwise, it is a three shot series. All three will be needed before internship.
b. Those rotating in the months of October 1 through end of March need influenza vaccine for the same influenza season before internship starts.
c. Non-Chinese citizens also need the following at least 30days before the rotation: Vaccination card or blood test results indicating vaccination or immunity to the following infectious diseases.
Additional information is available at under “Travel Health” if you have questions about the infections listed above or below.

For applicants who are not Chinese citizens, please include proof of insurance that covers emergency care and at least $100,000 in case of need for medical evacuation. Copy of international insurance card suffices. Please note that many international hospitals, including those operated by UFH, may require a deposit prior to non-life threatening procedures/consultations/hospitalizations prior to them getting guarantee of payment from travel insurers.

*Failure to have or recieve required vaccinations will result in the application being voided.