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Homeless Housing Expansion Initiative Information Session

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You are invited to join us for an overview of the Homeless Housing Expansion Initiative process that will foster a pipeline of homeless-dedicated housing projects for the Chicago CoC. This Pre-Application process will provide feedback and support to projects seeking Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, CoC Resources, and other Rental Assistance and Supportive Services funding.

To view the current version of the application, please click here.

Read below for background information on the Homeless Housing Expansion Initiative.
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About the Homeless Housing Expansion Initiative

The Chicago Continuum of Care has established an unmet need of 4,200 units of supportive housing and 4,500 units of Rapid Rehousing to support broad scale changes to both the homeless system and to drastically reduce homelessness overall across the city.

To meet this need, the Continuum of Care (CoC) has established a Pipeline Expansion Committee led by Corporation for Supportive Housing and All Chicago Making Homelessness History to lead resource identification strategies and commitments to close the gap.

As a part of this, Mayor Rahm Emanuel committed city financing for 1,600 units of supportive housing (40% of the goal). The Chicago Department of Planning and Development/Department of Housing, Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), and Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) are earnestly coordinating on resources to produce a range of units needed. In fact, helping address these goals is outlined in the 2019-2023 City of Chicago Affordable Housing Plan.

To this end, the Continuum of Care has created the Homeless Housing Expansion Initiative, that will evaluate proposed projects seeking capital, operating, and services for supportive housing to then indicate to funders how the project aligns with system goals. DPD, Chicago CoC, DFSS, and CHA are supporting the use of this Pre-Application Process to inform their decision-making on funding requests for supportive housing, rapid re-housing, and services resources that prioritize people experiencing homelessness