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October 2020 Monthly Mission Shortcut


Complete the mission shortcut between October 5, 2020 and November 1, 2020 to be entered to win a 5 Liter Kegerator!

With SolarWinds® Access Right Auditor (ARA), a free no-install tool, you can quickly analyze AD and file server risk areas. A centralized dashboard shows you various risk factors with specific insights for your environment, and it even allows you to drill down for detailed information. Access Rights Auditor lets you quickly analyze the main risk factors based on Active Directory and file server user permissions. Download it here today to gain more visibility over potential risks and to learn more about how to overcome them. Follow the steps below to download ARA. Please note: to run ARA, you need domain admin control.

  Shortcut Steps:

  1. Go to and download a free trial of ARA.
  2. Follow the steps provided after the installation. Please note: to run ARA, you need domain admin control.
  3. Submit a screenshot of the Quick Scan Result Page. This page is the place to get started with solving user permission risk factors.